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I absolutely love Newborn Photography. It takes a great amount of patience and creativity, so it’s not for every photographer. However I love every moment with these precious angels and creating timeless pieces of art that capture this delicate stage, and every little detail from their tiny nose to their tiny piggies.

I have a baby girl of my own and my biggest regret is not having her newborn photos taken. This stage goes by so quickly and they grow so fast within just a few weeks. I understand it’s hard to keep track of time when your up all hours of the night.

I typically like to schedule my newborn sessions while mom is still carrying  (not sleep deprived just yet). We go by her estimated due date and I leave spaces within the week of, before and after the due date for their session. I typically like to photograph the babies when they are less then 3 weeks old. Doing this helps create those curly poses and the babies are more likely to sleep and be more cooperative during the first couple weeks.

It is exhausting and stressful during this time of course, so look at it as if you have a excuse of getting out of the house and enjoy yourself at my studio 🙂 You can sit and relax and watch me take care of your baby and see the making of the beautiful photos you will hang on your walls and admire for a lifetime.













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