My name is Ashley Meinert and here is a little about me. I have one girl she just turned 4 yrs old. I also have two fur babies a cat, and a silly ferret.  My favorite foods are french onion soup and chicken wings. I basically eat like a 5-year-old haha. I’m obviously into art and I love that I found something I can incorporate my child in.

I worked as a cosmetologist and  as a veterinary technician before I got my “big girl camera” (NIKON D810). I have always loved photography, when I was six I wanted to be a famous cat photographer haha. (currently looking for those photos).  I researched every thing I could and learned my camera in and out, I had no intentions of making a business until friends of mine started asking me to take their family photos and weddings. So I wanted to improve the best way I could (and I’ll never stop learning). I got a couple mentors, first ones name is Jesica Montgomery with Forever Whimsy Photography and then Haley Rosa. I also took a weekend seminar in Chicago with Dear Photographer and a few online courses. I have been featured with Dear Photographer blog and have hosted the site for a week, and I’ve been featured in other popular blogs such as Life and Lens blog, Rock the Shot, and JJ it’s the Kids on instagram.  I don’t hate one thing about photography and I am always learning because it is truly my passion.

I love capturing those unforgettable moments for parents of their children being themselves or couples, just capturing that love that surrounds them. Pictures that make them smile or even cry (tears of joy of course!) is my goal I want my art to show their happiest memories. I can’t explain what a great honor it is to see my work as their profile pictures or cover photos. I hope to create a bond with all my future clients so I can capture those special moments throughout their lives and their children’s lives (including fur babies). I hope to meet you soon!

taken by:
18684_10200576381488921_8581748590120479470_n                                            taken by :


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