Colin and Jake

I had so much fun with this session. These little boys are Colin and Jake. They are twins but non identical and their personalities are quite opposite. Throughout the session you can definitely tell who is hyper and daring and who is laid back and sweet. I have to admit the 3 year olds kept me running to get perfect shots. I was quite exhausted from chasing them and laughing with them by the end. Luckily my step daughter Ryleigh was there to help entertain them.

I had this session during the month of October which happens to be National miscarriage and infant loss month. This family has been through a lot of hurt. Their mommy had miscarried  a beautiful set of triplets, a precious baby girl and too handsome little boys. I knew I had to do something special.

I see a lot of photographers add shadow kid overlays so I did one just in case mom loved that more but I just feel they are not my style. I personally believe butterflies represent an angel telling you they are watching over you. So in the first image below I incorporated a lady bug for their sister and two butterflies to represent their brothers. Here are a few images from their session.

emily (1 of 1)

jamie (1 of 1)

emily (1 of 1)-2 emily (1 of 1)-3 emily (1 of 1)-4 jamie (1 of 1)-3jamie (1 of 1)-6 copy


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